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The year is 2081.  An intergalactic race of wyrms has all but destroyed humanity, but the resistance has found the wyrm Queen.  Mounting one last strike, the pilots of the resistance prepare to give it their all (and possibly their lives).

Annelida is a single boss battle game about putting pilots through the meat grinder while you progressively upgrade their ships.  Expect to lose a decent amount of pilots!


Z - Boost

X - Shoot/Select

Left/Right - Steer

Xinput Controller also supported.  Right trigger to boost, X to shoot/select.

Install instructions

Unzip and run Annelida.exe


Annelida.zip 60 MB


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Made a video

That was awesome! What library/language/game engine was it made in?

I used GameMaker Studio 2!


This feels like a game you would play at an arcade, it kicks ass and you just want to keep playing