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In the future, humanity is almost immediately annihilated by a race of powerful beings dubbed "wyrms".  In the ruins of a once great city, you, the last fighter, have found the Queen.  Killing the Queen would mean ending this chaos and bringing peace at last... but your ship is damaged.  You can only take one hit before you die.  Can you kill the Queen and save the world?  Or is it doomed?

WYRM is a single-boss, bullet-hellesque side-scrolling shooter where you die in one hit.  Shoot the wyrm until it dies.  Made for GBJAM 6.  This game is hard.

Soundtrack is available at https://soundcloud.com/lateralis-music/sets/wyrm-soundtrack

Install instructions

Just open the zip and run WYRM.exe.  Enjoy!


WYRM.zip 51 MB

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